About Savant Science

Savant means “a person of profound learning.”

It is derived from the Latin “sapere” which means wise.

It is one thing to have knowledge, it is a better thing to use it wisely.

We see ourselves as a little bit “mad scientist” and a little bit “fortune teller.”  We are combining our knowledge of unique ingredients, superior delivery mechanisms, human health and physiology, emerging science and consumers needs to create innovative new products and amazing new brands.   Our business model relies on direct contact with our customer and constant feedback from the marketplace.

We are committed to ethical, transparent and responsible practices, and we expect the same of our partners.

We strive to harness the power of knowledge, act upon it wisely, share it with others to empower our customers and deliver life-changing products.

Science is a way of thinking much more than it is a body of knowledge.

– Carl Sagan

Position on Science

We are innovators; pioneering and embracing new science.  We believe we can improve health by understanding science and harnessing it to make nutritional supplements that deliver on what they promise.

The Future of Science

We believe that capitalizing on innovative, novel technologies and emerging science creates products that allow us to bring transformative wellness to the market.  It’s not enough to know science; you have to know what to do with it.